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Thank you for your interest in our Personalization Patent.  

The patented recommendation and personalization technology can be located here (patent # 6,249,785).

It is simply the most accurate recommendation system available anywhere. It is NOT another collaborative filtering.

The technology typically exceeds an 85% accuracy rate in predicting how well consumers will like specific entertainment (books, movies, music, etc., advertising or consumer product offerings.

The patent offers a revolutionary change to the process of target marketing and research. It makes use of a complex, yet transparent process to determine the ranking and relevance of personal ratings. The foundation of this intuitive technology is the ability to determine item affinities with a high degree of accuracy and extract actionable information based on those affinities.

Other recommendation and prediction systems stem from characterizing users such as collaborative filtering, factor analysis and vector mapping. None of these systems reliably predict a consumerís reaction to specific entertainment, commercials, packaged goods, etc., where this patent excels.

This technology was rolled out in 2000. We had an active website demonstrating highly accurate recommendations on books, movies, music, television programs, and more. We managed to keep the business going for a few years. However, at that time there was no viable revenue stream, so we made the decision to mothball it. Now personalization and recommendations are extremely important to search, social media, apps and other related services.

If you are interested in licensing or acquiring this patent, please schedule a call with one of the principles, click here to complete the contact form.

Thank you for your interest.

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